tapas restaurant + bistro

Bring your own wine

Carambola Bistro opened its doors on August 1, 2002. Located in the small town of Hudson off the island of Montréal, our atmosphere is friendly and buzzing. Our dining room seats 40. Looking for a little more action? Grab one of our five seats at the counter. We are open for lunch service all week; drop in Monday to Friday during your lunch hour for a quick bite or stop in on the weekend and enjoy a leisurely lunch before the rush that tends to start a little later. Our weekend nights are pretty hectic with tables of two ordering crazy amounts of food, take-out orders flying in and out, and preparation for next-day catering. Our crew is more like family than colleagues; we get on each other’s nerves but love to spend our days off together. We even have our own baseball team! Anyone taking a peek through our window will feel like they are looking at one big family dinner. We are definitely full of life, laid back, and—above all—great eaters!

Carambola’s menu favours a local and sustainable approach. We strive to make responsible choices that benefit both our clients and the environment. Our menu is young and fun and changes several times a year. We keep abreast of seasonal flavours—domestic and international—and draw on inspiration from our staff and our clientele. Chef Geiring’s wife, bistro co-owner, is from the south, so we make sure to infuse our menu with tons of southern flare. Check out our chalkboard for the daily specials and desserts. But make sure to refer back to it often, as it is constantly changing according to fresh new ingredients of the moment. Our desserts are made in-house; some are staples and will never change, and some are based on cravings from our floor managers, who also moonlight as bakers.

Chef Scott Geiring

We’ve adapted the kitchen and created the menu to enable us to make all dishes to order, which allows us to work as much as possible around dietary needs, preferences, or restrictions. Our menu slogan is “There Aren’t Many Rules” and this keeps us on our toes. Our clients love this perk—they can essentially have whatever they’re in the mood for, even if it means creating something that is not on the menu.